Your life. Your tact. Your well-being.

Is there a recipe for luck? Health is luck!


More and more people are proactively taking their own health into their own hands. With our strong brands Damidi LIFETAKT we want to give you a new life – our new motto “More quality for your life”.

At Damidi, we understand health holistically and individually. The focus of Damidi LIFETAKT is on people with their very individual needs. Depending on your personal life situation and need, Damidi LIFETAKT offers holistic solutions from high-quality nutritional supplements and helpful tips on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.


When developing and manufacturing our products, we combine the best of nature with the latest findings from science and research. We ensure our consistently high quality by cooperating with some of the strictest independent testing institutes.

These include, for example, the SGS INSTITUS FRESENIUS or the International Aloe Science Council (IASC).